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Archives for October 2009

Tony Hawk shakes hands in Columbia, MO

Why Higher Ed Should Follow @tonyhawk’s Lead

Published on by univaffairs-admin | Posts by This Author

I was part of something truly monumental this last weekend. After a week of hide and seek, Tony Hawk ended his Twitter Hunt extravaganza (#THTH) with a surprise demo here in Columbia, MO. Why was this monumental (besides having the Michael Jordan of skateboarding here in the home of the University of Missouri), and more importantly, how is this relevant to us in Higher Education? Because it was one of the most successful uses of Social Networking/Media I have seen to date.

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Converting .ttf to .eot in Windows

Published on by Jason Rollins | Posts by This Author

@font-face is all the rage in the CSS world these days and I’ve been dying to give it a whirl. This entry won’t discuss the best practices in terms of CSS syntax or the ins-and-outs of @font-face; that has been done in numerous other places which I will link to at the bottom of this entry. I’d rather focus on a specific Windows-related issue.

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