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Responsive Web Design

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  • Kim Smith

    Responsive Web Design is good for any web developer wanting to stay current in designing for the ever changing desktop viewing landscape.

  • Miguel

    Great presentation. I recommend the book ‘Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3’

  • Bark Golgafrincham

    Very few critical reviews of Responsive Web Design… It is not a magic elixir of css media queries.

  • Traffic Digital

    I’m loving responsive web design. I think it partly secures the medium term future of websites – I wondered until recently whether apps (and the way we find apps) would evolve and the need for websites would reduce. However, responsive web design works the other way round – it’s bad news for apps. Why bother with an app when your standard website will change depending on the device? Already, some responsive design sites are as attractive and functional as some of the best apps. We tried this on our relatively new site – check it out if you’re interested

  • Jimmy Thakkar

    I think responsive web design is just a new term given to create a buzz.

    I have been designing websites for more than 7 years and i always try and design a site in such a way that it fits all screens and devices.

    Jimmy Thakkar

  • Mark Hughes

    Jimmy – lots of people are saying that. The thing is, if you design a website to look fine on either a mobile device AND a normal sized screen, you’re most likely going to end up with something that doesn’t quite fit either. Responsive design is also much better for SEO – Google specified last week that they prefer webmasters to build responsive sites, rather than a) relying on the main site being acceptable to mobile users and b) a mobile site. Check out my agency’s responsive website – try resizing your browser to see the site changing. You can see how the user benefits by having a site that is designed to break down depending on the device. Another thing with a responsive site is that smaller images will load on a smaller device, vastly improving loading times. Especially important if you’re relying on crap 3G!

  • DesignToads

    Mark, are you talking about SEO for mobile or organic? I think if you are focused on mobile optimization than this is true, but having a responsive website isn’t going to affect your standard site’s optimization.

  • Concept89

    I’ve read a few articles on other blogs regarding responsive web design, however I’m pretty impressed with what you have presented!

  • Diseño Web Salamanca

    Great article reference about responsive web design. It’s really important addapting our design to all screen sizes. And we recommend not to use Flash for beign more responsive.


  • Henry

    Great article and list of resources.

    I really believe that in the field of web design and development, we are at a point where it is impractical – financially and otherwise – for any business to attempt to keep up with the seemingly endless amount of new devices coming to market. Understanding and being able to apply responsive design is key to operating in this reality.

  • Miracle Studio

    Being a designer, whether you are opting for responsive design or a non responsive design, client participation in the process of design is considered to be of great importance. Here it is a Better Responsive Design .

  • Kaan Guner

    Responsive design is going to be the future of web. I think it’s really silly that people still try to get iphone apps for their business just because. This is what my company focuses on. I would appreciate if you can read our blog and give some feedback.

  • Brian Parker

    100% agreed… The Modern Era is about Responsive website designs, no matter what CMS you are using, the next generation is responsive designs.

  • Periodicos Cubanos

    Excellent article reference about responsive web design. It’s really important addapting our design to all screen sizes. And we recommend not to use Flash for beign more responsive.

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