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Diagram that (very abstractly) illustrates how Git works

Using Git to manage your site on VH

Published on by Paul Gilzow | Posts by This Author

Here in Web Communications, we’ve been playing with Git as a means to manage versions of our sites.  So far, that has been limited to using Git on the local machine, making a remote repository on a shared file space (doit-bfs1), pushing to it occasionally, and then manually transferring the files back over to VH. What we’ve REALLY been wanting to do though is use it to fully manage our sites, allow anyone to work on the site while keeping track of the versions AND publish out to VH, all automatically. We also didnt want to have to store the Git repository in the webroot.

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Tree analogy for includes

PHP includes with Cascade Server

Published on by univaffairs-admin | Posts by This Author

The University of Missouri makes heavy use of Hannon Hill’s Cascade Server, a XSLT-based content management system. One of the downsides to Cascade is that it doesn’t build live pages on the fly. Changes to files and templates must be published out before they will be live on the server. Even a fairly minor edit, like changing contact information in the footer, may require your entire site to be republished.

Fortunately, there is a solution. We can move our boilerplate content to separate files, and instead configure Cascade to use PHP includes on the live site.

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