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Responsive Images: 3 different coffee cup sizes

Responsive Images

Published on by univaffairs-admin | Posts by This Author

The advent of responsive design and HiDPI (or “Retina”) devices has created a real challenge for web developers: We need a way to provide multiple images to accommodate a variety of window sizes and resolutions.

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Image of Memorial Union at various pixel zoom levels

Prepare for a high-definition future

Published on by univaffairs-admin | Posts by This Author

Web design is a field prone to major shifts. For the last few years, the advent of the mobile web has commanded our attention. We must now assume that almost any site we produce will be viewed on a variety of devices—from phones, to tablets, to traditional desktops.

I believe the next major development will be high-definition displays, and this is a shift we should begin preparing for as soon as possible.

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