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Published on by Joshua Nichols | Posts by This Author

When it comes to CSS3, dealing with browser prefixes, complex gradient rules, and transitions can get verbose. You end up repeating yourself … a lot. Write less CSS with a CSS compiler.

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Image of Memorial Union at various pixel zoom levels

Prepare for a high-definition future

Published on by Joshua Hughes | Posts by This Author

Web design is a field prone to major shifts. For the last few years, the advent of the mobile web has commanded our attention. We must now assume that almost any site we produce will be viewed on a variety of devices—from phones, to tablets, to traditional desktops.

I believe the next major development will be high-definition displays, and this is a shift we should begin preparing for as soon as possible.

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Using CSS3 Now banner

Using CSS3 now

Published on by Joshua Nichols | Posts by This Author

In this presentation, we take a look at some of the new things CSS3 can do and what parts you can begin using in your designs now.

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Green Orion woman from Star Trek

Is your site color blind accessible?

Published on by Joshua Nichols | Posts by This Author

Color vision deficiency, or color blindness, is a very common disease that affects about 8% of the population. For the MU home page that equals about 5,000 visitors a day. That’s a significant number of users, so it’s important that we add a color blind test to our regular set of accessibility checks.

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EDUstyle Awards 2010 header

Illumination wins Best Magazine Site

Published on by Joshua Nichols | Posts by This Author

The 2010 Higher-ed Web Awards, put on by EduStyle, have announced this year’s winners and Illumination Magazine won Best Magazine Site!

Congratulations to Josh Hughes and the MU Office of Research for a job well done.

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XSS presentation title slide

Cross-site Scripting: How to Prevent It

Published on by univaffairs-admin | Posts by This Author

In this presentation we will learn what cross-site scripting is, how an actual attack takes place and how to test if our Web sites are vulnerable to a cross-site scripting attach. Then we will discuss how to mitigate the risks of being vulnerable to a cross-site scripting attack.

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